When purchasing your metal building, many people know they are buying a building but do not stop to think about all of the individual pieces that make their prefabricated building. Coil coating is an essential to having coils that endure and last. Here is information about coil coating so that you know all about your metal building.

coil coating Pre fabricated metal buildingsThe Coil Coating Process

The Long Story Short:

Before metal buildings are fabricated, the metal is coated. All of the coils also need to be coated before used. a coil of metal, moving 700 feet/minute is unwound, cleaning both the top and bottom sides. It is then chemically treated, primed, cured, top coated, and cured again. Then the coils are rewound and are ready to be packaged and shipped.


A More Indepth View of Coil Coating:

The bare coils, made of bare metal, are put into the “unwinder” or “decoiler,” where the metal is inspected to find any defects. From here, the metal is cleaned and then treated with chemicals so that it is ready to be painted. In most cases, brushes are used to remove any dirt or contaminants from the sheet. Sometimes, a pretreatment is used to allow more of a bond between the metal and the coating, while also making the coil corrosion resistant.

Once the coil (still unwound) is dry, the coil goes into a coating room, where a coat of primer is put on both sides. The direction of the application matters here, as the reverse roller coating (going the opposite direction of the strip), is used to apply a thick coat. Yet, direct roller coating (going the same was as the strip), is used to apply a thin coat. From here, the coils move to the oven, where it is cured at a high temperature from 15-30 seconds. The coil is then cooled with air and water. In most cases, the specifications call for 2 coats (primer + top coat) on each side. So, it goes back through the process again. Once the coil is fully painted it is inspected and rewound.

Manufacturers choose to coat the coils for a variety of reasons, however the economic and environmental benefits seem to be the major benefits.

Can the Coil Be Formed & Joined After Coating?

The simple answer is “yes.” Prepainted metal can, in fact, be formed and shaped, using a finish that is known to be better than the post-paint. However, making sure to invest in pre-cleaning, pre-priming, pretreating, and prepainting metal before manufacturing saves time, money, and hassle while maintaining a beautiful and flawless appearance.

The coil can easily be joined after it is coated. Depending on the need and the purpose, you can use adhesives, fasteners, or welding, while still having a beautiful and flawless appearance, especially compared to post painted metal.

Do Coated Coils Last Longer?

Yes! Research shows that prepainted coils last longer than post painted ones. This is because the precoated coils corrode less than post-painted metal.

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