Pre-Engineered Steel Agricultural Buildings

Metal buildings have become increasingly popular in the agriculture industry. Metal buildings are preferred by farmers for a variety of reasons including durability, affordability, constructability, and low maintenance.

What Type Of Pre-Engineered Agricultural Steel Building Should I Get?

We can provide you with an agricultural steel building completely customized to suit your needs. This could be a barn, riding arena, shed, storage building, car barn, garage, or whatever it is you may need.

Why Pick a Pre-Engineered Agricultural Shelter?

Protect your investments from harsh conditions such as rain and snow today. At Champion Buildings, we understand you want a reliable and dependable building, as it will be the home to your livestock as well as provide protection to your equipment.

Pre-engineered agricultural shelters are a cost-effective solution for your storage needs.

What Are the Steel Building Sizes?

Available Standard sizes are widths of 30′, 40′, 50′ or 60′ and lengths starting at 75′ and up in 25′ increments.  Standard heights are 12’8, 14’8″ and 16’8″.  Custom sizes are available.

May be placed on a concrete slab or piers only.

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