Lexington VA Steel and Metal Buildings

Do you have self-storage, mini storage, or mini warehouse needs?  We offer safe, convenient, and cost-effective mini warehouse options for all of your private belongings.

Choosing a Prefabricated Mini Storage Building

Pre-engineered storage units are an ideal selection for your storage needs, as they offer security and affordability. These buildings are cost-effective due to the fact that all of the parts and pieces are pre-made to fit together. This reduces the amount of time it takes to construct the building, which reduces your overall costs.

 Metal Buildings Are Easy To Maintain

Maintaining your metal building is easy and inexpensive. You should plan to inspect the metal building twice a year, in the fall and spring. During the inspections, or in your daily use, if you notice any damages, you should repair them immediately. For example, if you notice a scratch, you should prime and paint it immediately to prevent rusting. From here, you will want to wash your metal building with a pressure washer on low to remove any dirt and soot off to prevent stains.

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