How to build a metal building

At Champion Buildings we offer metal and steel components for all of your pre-engineered building needs.  From panels to structural pieces our sales staff can help you find the right piece to meet your metal or steel building needs. Here is some information about the parts and accessories that make up your metal building:

The Base of A Metal Building

In most cases, you will get the standard base angle, which is the base cost of any building. However, you may choose to use the Base Trim, which puts a piece of steel betweem the wall sheets and the cement slab. For buildings on piers, you will use the base girt, which attaches to clips on the colums above the foundation.

The Rigid Frame System Your Metal Building Uses

The type of building you want will determine the frame of your building. Essentially, if you are building a riding arena, you are not going to have any beams in the center and you want it symmetrical. Yet, if you are building a retail space or office building, you may choose to use the single slope frame. This frame allows you to attach onto an existing unit, like adding horse stalls onto a barn, or by itself. Lastly, is the lean frame that allows you to add onto your building, mostly used for building expansions.

Secondary Framing For Your Steel Building

I-beams and girts are secondary framing elements that help keep your metal building sound.

The I-beams are used to bolt into the frame and foundation to offer strength and stability to your metal building.

Between the frame lines and the walls, you will find the girts. Girts are used to provide strenght and framework to the wall panels. They can hold up to 55,000 psi and are pre-engineered in different sizes, depending on the size of your building.

Have Framed Openings For Your Pre-Fabricated Metal Building?

There are a variety of doors to choose from for your pre-engineered metal building.

For example, the roll up door is a popular option. You can find these in a variety of sizes and they are common due to the fact that they are easy to install and easy to use. You can choose to operate a roll up door by hand or use a remote. These doors are mainly used for heavy industrial use.

The sectional overhead doors are also a popular choice among metal building owners and are very similar to the roll up doors, but are more like a garage door.

Sliding doors are popular in horse barns and can come in any size needed. These door are operated manually by hand.

Bi-fold doors are common in airplane hangers, as they provide open space.

Trims & Accessories

There are a variety of accessories and trims that you can choose to put on your metal building.

Gutters are a common addition to metal buildings, as they direct the rain to where it needs to go to avoid flooding in specific areas.

Passage doors are also common additions to metal buildings, as many people want to be able to access the building in another location other than where the main roll up door/sliding door/bi-fold door/etc. is

To let the natural light into your metal building, you may choose to put in sliding glass windows, skylights, or wall lights.

Vents are added to help with ventilation.

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