Agricultural Steel Building AlabamaFrom restaurants and offices to barns and storage, metal buildings in Alabama from Champion Buildings are a high-quality, affordable option. From design to installation, we offer turnkey services that make it easy to get the exact structure you need, no matter what the size or shape.  

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Why Choose Champion for Your Pre-fabricated Metal Building

When you purchase a metal building from Champion, you get turnkey services. This means we will work with you to chose the perfect building for your plans while still aligning with your budget, including insulation, doors, windows, color options, and more. We’ll work with you to determine what requirements you have and how the building will be used to make sure you get exactly what you want. Once you nail down what you want and place the order, we get to work. 

All of our buildings are:

  • 100% Made in the USA using commercial grade steel
  • Built with high strength bolts
  • Offered with an optional 24 gauge standing seam roof
  • Clear Span (up to 150′)
  • Available with a variety of metal building accessories
  • Available with a large color selection from walls, roofs, and trims

Concrete Foundation

A proper concrete foundation is key to making sure your building is safe, stable, and long-lasting. All you need to do is make sure the ground is level, and we will bring a concrete team in to pour a slab outlined in the foundation blueprints our engineer designed. The concrete foundation will consist of pier pads beneath each column, a perimeter footer, 4″ gravel or sand, wire, rebar, plastic, anchor bolts and a slab thickness per your specifications (typically 4″ – 6″).

Building Erection 

With a solid foundation in place, the building construction begins. All steel panels and materials will be carefully inspected multiple times to ensure quality control, and we will also test the foundation to make sure it’s properly cured and level. With our experienced team and a clear construction protocol, your metal building will be up and ready in no time. 

Metal Garages and Storage Units

Need a space to park your car, store lawn equipment or your fifth-wheel, or dive into a woodworking project? Pre-fabricated metal garages from Champion Buildings are ideal for your needs. With low maintenance needs and resistant to many of the problems that plague Alabama construction – pests, humidity, rain, wind, and deterioration, as well as fire resistant, you can feel confident that your car, boat, or anything you choose to keep, will stay safe and protected from the elements. 

Other Uses for Metal Buildings in Alabama

In addition to metal garages and storage, we construct buildings for commercial use, including:

Cities in Alabama We Serve:

  • Birmingham
  • Montgomery
  • Mobile
  • Huntsville
  • Tuscaloosa
  • Dothan
  • Auburn
  • and surrounding cities

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Ready to get the perfect steel building for your next project? Champion Buildings firmly believes in erecting quality, cost-efficient steel and metal buildings for commercial, and agricultural purposes. For more information or to purchase your metal building, contact us today!

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