When building an aircraft hangar it’s essential to build a structure that will hold up to the elements enough to protect your aircraft. Steel framed metal buildings are the right combination of space, durability, low maintenance, construction speed, and strength.


Metal buildings allow for a clear span of up to 275 feet, so no matter the size of aircraft, it’s possible to design a building to fit the length and wingspan of your aircraft.


Metal buildings, like those built by us at Champion Buildings, are extremely durable. With a steel frame and exterior, there isn’t much that can go wrong for decades to come. Most hangar owners appreciate spending their time enjoying their airplane instead of working on the hangar.

Low Maintenance

Metal doesn’t rot, it doesn’t burn in a fire, and it requires infrequent painting. Power wash it and inspect everything regularly and you’re doing your part to take care of the building.

Construction Speed

Metal buildings are pre-fabricated so the time and cost to erect the building is minimized.


When building a hangar to protect your expensive aircraft, it’s important to rest assured that your aircraft is protected. Steel-framed metal buildings are engineered structures that can be designed to hold up to the extreme weather conditions they might experience.


A hangar is only as good as its door. The steel frame used to build the steel or metal building allow a massive opening to accept any sized aircraft. The bi-folding doors can be build to swing outwards or slide.

Purchase Your Metal Aircraft Hangar with Champion Buildings

Offering an all-in-one “turn-key” solution to your metal building needs, it is clear why so many people choose Champion Buildings. Serving the Mid-Atlantic area, to include but not limited to the following states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.  For more information, please contact Champion Buildings at (800) 942-6812. We can help you determine the right size and the right building for your aircraft’s needs.

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