Looking to take a look where the metal building or steel building industry is going? Then look no further than Metalcon 2014.

The biggest event for the metal construction industry, Metalcon highlighted the metal construction field and the latest products, technologies, and solutions coming out of it.

The increasing number of attendees, companies, and suppliers this year said a lot about where the metal industry is going and its future.

What does this event mean for your metal building?

The increased attention at Metalcon this year shows us one thing, people will soon be interested in the thousands of options and accessories that are now available in metal buildings.

Soon the age old question of why should I get a metal building and not a stick built building, will be a question of the future. With newer accessories such as window and door options being added daily, by some of the top builders, it’s getting harder and harder to decide between a metal and a stick built home.

Looking for a metal or steel building specialist?

If you are looking for a metal or stick building specialist, look no further than Champion Buildings. Our team of building specialists are here to help you now more than ever. Call us today at (800) 942-6812 or submit your project online.

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