Steel construction is the leading construction method for commercial structures. Why? They’re built to last several decades with low maintenance. If that sounds like what you want in a garage, read the seven reasons why you should consider building a metal building over a typical wooden-built structure.

1. Low Maintenance

Metal buildings are not maintenance free, but they are far less maintenance than traditional wooden structures. If your garage is built out of metal there are a few common issues that you no longer need to worry about:

Termites are never going to be a problem for obvious reasons — there is no wood to eat.

The roof on a traditional wooden-built garage is made up of hundreds of asphalt shingles. If just a couple of these shingles fail due to age or damage, it can cause a leak which can go undetected for months if not years. Roof leaks cause a variety of costly repairs because obviously wood + moisture = rot. A full roof replacement is thousands of dollars, and that is not including the other structural damage you could find.

A metal roof can last several decades with minimal maintenance.

To keep your wooden structure protected it’s very important to keep your structure painted every 15 years or so. Hiring exterior painters is another costly bill you can avoid by going with a metal building.

In comparison, a metal building just needs to power-washed annually to keep them clean. (And yes, they come in different colors)

2. Durable

The frame of a Champion Buildings garage is made out of 100% made-in-the-USA Commercial Grade Steel. The frame and panels are bolted together metal on metal, rather than screws and nails going into wood.

Metal buildings are engineered structures, so an engineer is consulted to ensure that the structure is able to hold up to the range of possible conditions it could encounter. Anticipate high winds? Your garage can be built to withstand hurricanes. Anticipate blizzards? You garage can be built to handle the snow load.

Stick-built garages are not engineered structures. Instead the framers rely on their own experience and floor plans. They are not as concerned or as qualified as a structural engineer to construct a structure capable of withstanding various forces.

3. Cost Efficient

As mentioned earlier, the cost of maintenance is less than wooden structures. Moreover, the cost per square foot to build metal structures is less because all the materials are pre-fabricated.

4. Construction Speed

All the construction materials are pre-fabricated which significantly cuts down on construction time.

Also, if you select Champion Building to construct your metal garage, you will not need to hire multiple sub-contractors like framers, roofers, and masons. Champion Buildings prides itself on constructing a quality building from the foundation all the way up to the roof.

5. Open Layout

Our steel frame is designed to span up to 150’ so if you’re interested in wide open layout — metal buildings are for you.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Steel is 100% recyclable. Your metal home will outlive a wooden home, but your home can be recycled when the time comes. All leftover steel created in the construction process is recycled as well.

7. Lower Insurance Costs

Since metal buildings are more durable, and fire & pest resistant than the traditional wooden garage, they cost less to insure.

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