OK, you’re already sold on the benefits of steel-framed, metal-roofed buildings over their stick-built wooden alternatives. And you’re not foolish enough to think you can build it yourself. But how do you choose the right builder for your metal building?

Here are the criteria to evaluate one builder over another:

1) Foundation

There are two types of metal building builders: those that pour the concrete slab foundation, and those that don’t. If your builder does not pour the foundation, naturally you’re responsible for arranging a contractor to do that part of the job. Not only that, but you need to arrange to have the builder and the concrete talk to each other about requirements, and line up schedules so the concrete isn’t holding up the construction.

Only some metal building builders like Champion Buildings offer concrete poured foundation services as well. This is advantageous because it’s no longer your responsibility to find a contractor and coordinate their schedules. Also, since the same company is responsible for the foundation and the building, they can’t say the foundation was not done correctly.

2) Quality of Materials

Not all metal buildings are created equal. Builders like Champion Buildings create buildings with the following attributes:

> 100% Made in the USA, Commercial Grade Steel
> Prefabricated with All Steel Frames
> Use High Strength Bolts
> Have optional 24 gauge Standing Seam Roof
> Clear Span (up to 150′)
> Available with a variety of Metal Building Accessories
> Available with a Large Color Selections from Walls, Roof and Trims

Make sure the builder you choose can make the same claims.

3) Quality of Craftsmanship

Anyone can order a pre-fabricated building and have it drop-shipped to their location. And plenty of companies will say they can put it together. However, it’s best to contract a company that is experienced putting these types of metal structures together. After all, you purchased a metal building so it would last, so don’t run the risk of an inexperienced builder doing the work.

4) Price

It matters, but you know from experience that the lowest bid doesn’t always result in the best outcome. It’s a good idea to get multiple estimates, but go with the company that you think will do the best job in your price range.

5) Reputation

Read the testimonials and reviews. Ask for referrals, inspect their work, and talk to the building owners. Read the contract carefully and make sure that the company will stand behind their product. In short, do your due diligence and don’t get burned trying to save a buck.

6) Bonded and Insured

Make the company show proof they are bonded and insured before moving forward. Request the bond # and certificate of insurance. Make sure they’re on the Better Business Bureau. Bonded means that you’re financially protected if the contractor doesn’t complete the job. Insured means that if a contractor were to get injured, the company’s insurance would cover the medical costs so you wouldn’t be liable.

7) Engineering

Metal structures are engineered. This means that an engineer should be consulted to ensure that it’s built to withstand the various forces that it will need to withstand. Examples include high wind or deep snow loads.

8) Ease of doing business

Don’t accept wheeling and dealing, and high-pressure sales tactics. Make sure your builder cares about your needs and customizes the building to match them. Set clear expectations for the schedule/milestones, and ask what the communication with be like during the process.

9) Warranty

If a company won’t stand behind its product with some sort of workmanship guarantee that should be a red flag. Champion Buildings includes a 1-year workmanship guarantee.

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