Steel building facts


We often get asked is how is a steel home made.  This is a common question, however it’s a bit hard to explain as every home is built a bit differently.  Depending on the customer certain things can be changed to accommodate their needs, but often the steel home building process is the same.

Before we go into how a steel home is made, let’s talk about what a steel building is.  A steel or metal building, is a metal structure fabricated with steel and then uses metal sheeting to cover the building, rather than wood, vinyl or asphalt.  Remember, in a steel home everything is made of metal, this includes the walls, siding, and roofs.

Now steel homes are an assembled product, which means that they are designed to be put together or tear apart easily.  The pieces for your steel home are usually designed in one of a number of metal factories in the United States.  The pieces are designed and shaped, to meet each customer’s specific requirements.  After being created and cut, each piece is then reviewed by our team of home builders to make sure that every piece meets the specific requirements of the future home builder.

This is the part where things change however, depending on the buyer some steel homes can be built and assembled within the warehouse while others are built on site.  Most are built within the factory, but a few specific circumstances are known to make the manufacturer ship the parts to the site.

Once finished the building is them sent assembled or not, to the lot where it is to be placed and that is how a metal home is built.

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