“Why a Steel Building”?  That’s a question that we get often.  Steel buildings some argue do not have the love or affection that a normal built home has and that needs to change.

Steel and metal have been used in many structures throughout not just the United States, but in the world.  Many people have found that the strength and durability of these metals lead to strong structures that many people use on an everyday basis including churches, fire departments, and agricultural buildings .

There have been many famous steel and metal structures designed over the years that you might of heard about.

  1. Eiffle Tower – is probably the most famous iron made building. Created in 1887 the Eiffle tower is a steel building, that is widely known for its beauty and architecture.
  2. Brooklyn Bridge – One of the most famous bridges in America is the Brooklyn Bridge was originally created using steel and iron.  Today, the Brooklyn Bridge still serves as a figure head today connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan.
  3. Willis Tower – The Willis Tower formerly known as the Sears Tower, might be the tallest building in the world but did you know that it was originally created using nine steel tubes? The whole building is based on steel columns that still support the tower today.
  4. Walt Disney Concert Hall – The Walt Disney Concert Hall is a building known for both it’s architecture and it it’s music. Originally created 1987, this mammoth building is made almost entirely of steel.
  5. The Fang Yuan Building – Though it’s considered to be one of the ugliest buildings in the world by many, the Fang it’s easy to tell the impact that metal and steel has had on this historic building.

Remember every steel building is designed to meet your needs from color to structure type, there are many options available for you.

Looking for a steel or metal building?

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