Before you purchase a metal building, it is important that you know what and how much maintenance is needed to upkeep these buildings. The best part: Maintaining metal buildings is easy, fast, and cheap!

Inspecting Your Metal Building

Inspecting your building is essential, as you want to find problems and fix them before they get worse. I recommend inspecting your building 2 times a year, possibly in the spring and fall seasons. During these inspections, you want to make sure that the metal building is exactly how it should be, nothing is shifted or out of place and there is no damage.

Keep a record of your inspections so that you will have an organized system, either paper or digital. You’ll want to note the dates that you did your inspections as well as any updates or fixes you have done or things that you are worried about (but maybe you don’t want to fix it just yet).

Is Your Metal Building Damaged? Repair it!

You’ll want to repair any damages as soon as you can, as the small stuff can turn into big issues in time. For example, if you have scratched panels, you’ll want to prime and paint those as soon as you can to prevent corrosion. You’ll also want to use this time to eliminate outside things that can potentially damage your building, like branches or trees nearby.

Water Causes the Most Damage to Metal Buildings

As a liquid, solid, or vapor, water causes the most harm to buildings of all types. This is because the moisture brings corrosion, mold, and deterioration of the foundation. This means that when you do your inspection and repairs, you want to especially look out for water leaks and repair these immediately.

power washing a metal building Champion Buildings, INC.Keeping Your Metal Building Clean

Once you are sure that the building is leak free, you should plan to wash your building once a year. This is mostly for aesthetic reasons, as washing the dirt and soot off will prevent blemishes and stains. To clean your building, you can use a pressure washer at low pressure and a mild laundry detergent.

Maintaining Your Metal Building Pays Off

If you take the small amount of time to maintain your metal building, it can last for decades– saving you money! For more information or if you are looking to buy a metal building, contact Champion Buildings, INC. at (800) 942-6812. We have a variety of service locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee.

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