Years ago, the idea of steel structures used as school buildings was far from the norm. But, these days, fast-growing school populations coupled with municipality budget constraints, have many school districts looking for ways to save money. They’re finding that one of these ways is through using metal structures for school buildings.

As we’re going to explain, there are many advantages to choosing metal over other types of building materials. You’ll discover why prefabricated steel buildings could soon become the preferred route when it comes to school buildings.

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Introduction to Metal Buildings for Educational Institutions

Schools that have already gone the steel building route will tell you that they are saving money and reaping the rewards. Let’s take a look at why steel has become so popular.

Steel as a Popular Choice for Educational Structures

Steel construction has become a popular choice for educational structures because it is flexible and affordable. As many districts look to streamline costs, they’re realizing that steel is one way to do this.

With more classrooms becoming overcrowding, many districts are thinking out of the box when it comes to accommodating students, offering additional classrooms, and saving money.

Advantages of Steel School Buildings

There are several advantages to choosing steel school buildings:

Durability and Longevity of Steel Buildings

Steel is one of the strongest construction materials on the market. It brings strength and durability that is unmatched when compared to other building materials. Steel is resistant to corrosion, mold, and damage from pests.

Resistance to Harsh Weather Conditions

School buildings need to be strong to protect the people inside. Prefab school buildings provide protection from the elements. Metal buildings from Champion Buildings have a reputation for standing up against any weather this is thrown at them.

Lower Maintenance Requirements and Associated Cost Savings

Since steel is so durable, there are less maintenance requirements associated with it. There is no need to worry about wood rot or roof leaks, as you would with other materials. The labor costs surrounding a metal school building are also less compared to traditional construction. When you combine the two, it’s easy to see why so many schools are looking to steel buildings.

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Flexibility in Design and Customization Options

Steel buildings are not cookie-cutter options. They can be designed to meet the specific needs of a school. Some districts choose free-standing buildings, while others prefer ones that seamlessly adjoin to an existing building. Whatever the case, you can have flexibility in the design of an educational building.

You can also choose to customize your building with different color panels or other decorative choices. The flexibility in design and customization options are endless!

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Features

Steel is a highly sustainable option compared to traditional building materials. Many steel buildings are made with recycled steel and are also recyclable. Many are also compatible with energy-efficient insulation systems that lend themselves to saving energy. This is welcomed news for school districts looking to save money.

Design Considerations for Metal School Buildings

If you’re thinking about steel as a choice for your educational building, there are some design considerations to keep in mind.

Tailoring the Building Design to Educational Needs

Metal school buildings are so popular because they can roll with the punches. They can be easily changed as needs change. They are designed for maximum adaptability.

Incorporating Adaptable Spaces for Different Activities

The interior layout of a metal building can be customized to create classrooms, cafeteria space, labs, or to suit any other need that arises.

Creating a Conducive Learning Environment Through Proper Insulation and Acoustics

Steel buildings allow for much better insulation than traditional buildings. They can be insulated with spray insulation that is not only energy efficient but can also seal up leaks or spaces. This reduces heating costs and can provide better acoustics in the space.

Integrating Natural Light and Ventilation for Enhanced Comfort

Adding strategically placed windows can bring sunlight into classrooms, creating a great learning environment for students.  They also provide ample ventilation for healthy air quality.

Ensuring Compliance with Safety Regulations and Codes

When you choose a steel building, you can be sure that is constructed to adhere to all building codes. It will also be ADA-compliant for any handicapped occupants.

Financing and Cost Considerations for a Steel School Building

Initial Construction Costs Compared to Traditional Building Materials

Initially, wood is a cheaper building material than steel. But there is more labor needed with wood construction, and the long-term maintenance doesn’t make it as appealing down the road. Steel is prefabricated off-site. This results in less waste and less cost.

While you may pay more for steel upfront, the future cost-effectiveness makes it worth the investment. This is why more districts are looking to metal school building kits as a way to save money.

Long-term Cost Savings Through Energy Efficiency and Maintenance Reduction

Wood, brick, and stone require more maintenance as they get older. Wood can rot, and brick and stone can crumble over time. They are also susceptible to moisture and extreme weather damage. Maintenance for wood buildings includes painting, sealing, and possible pest control treatments…all costs that can add up over time.

Traditional roofs also need to be repaired down the road. Metal roofs don’t deteriorate, so there is less maintenance and repair needed. Traditional building materials are also not as environmentally friendly as steel. Steel is more energy efficient, resulting in lower energy costs.

The long-term cost savings of metal buildings are greater than other materials, making them an attractive alternative for school districts across the country.

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