When you picture a church or another place of worship in your mind, it likely isn’t a metal structure. More likely it’s a charming wooden structure. However, metal buildings offer many advantages over their stick-built cousins.

1. Durability

Churches are typically built to last for decades. Steel-framed metal buildings are naturally going to last a long time. Not only that, but they hold up better to the extreme weather conditions like deep snow and high winds.

2. Low Maintenance

Keeping up a wooden church is a lot of time, effort, and money. Metal structures are naturally lower maintenance. Additionally, a lot less can go wrong with them as they’re fire and insect resistant.

3. Open Layout

A steel-framed building can span up to 150’. This type of openness is extremely desirable in places of worship. Tall ceilings are also possible thanks to the strength of steel.

4. Cost Efficient

It simply costs less to build a metal building of the same size. Combine that with the cost of maintenance and you have a have a significant financial reason to consider a metal building.

5. Flexibility

As your congregation grows, so can your metal building. It’s easier to add on to a metal building than it is a wooden one.

6. Appearance

This is where a metal building falls a bit short. While metal churches look far better than you might expect, it’s hard to top the aesthetic of a wooden structure with intricate architectural features. We can install cupolas, canopies, custom windows, etc to help add to the charm of the building.

7. Construction Speed

Pre-fabricated structures require far less time to construct.

8. Environmentally Friendly

Our steel is largely made of recycled steel, and it can be recycled when necessary.

9. Lower Insurance Costs

It costs less to insure metal buildings because of all of the reasons stated above.

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