If someone asks you to think of a barn it is likely a classic red wooden barn. But if you take a drive through the countryside you mostly see barns that are in various stages of disrepair.

1. Low Maintenance

Keeping a barn in good shape is a lot of work, and on a property that requires a barn, often barn maintenance isn’t at the top of the todo list. The paint fades and the wood begins to rot. If the structure becomes compromised you have to pay good money to fix it, and you’re still left with a building that is slowly falling apart.

That classic red wooden barn in your mind doesn’t look so pretty now, does it?

Metal barns are relatively low maintenance in comparison. They still have to be painted, but not nearly as often as their wooden alternative. Also, metal structures obviously don’t need to worry about termites or other animal damage.

2. Durable

Even if you kept up with maintain your classic red wooden barn, the metal structure is still going to outlast it. With a steel frame and metal roof, there is simply less things that can go wrong over time.

Metal structures hold up to the elements better than wooden buildings too. They’re engineered structures designed to handle the forces like deep snow and high winds.

3. Cost Efficient

Metal barns are pre-fabricated so they cost less per square foot to build.

4. Construction Speed

Pre-fabricated buildings are a lot quicker to build too. Barns are often something you need sooner rather than later, so this can be a huge advantage.

5. Open Layout

It’s possible to span up to 150’ with a steel-framed building. Can you say indoor horse-riding ring?

6. Environmentally Friendly

Steel is 100% recyclable when it’s time to take your metal building down decades in the future.

7. Lower Insurance Costs

As mentioned before, metal structures are durable, pest resistant, and difficult to burn. Insurance companies recognize this in the form of lower insurance premiums.

8. Flexibility

It’s easier to add on to a metal barn than it is a wooden one. So if you barn needs grow, so can your barn.

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