Metal buildings are a popular alternative to traditional buildings for a few reasons. They are affordable, easy to maintain, and they are (seemingly) relatively easy to erect. With this in mind, many people purchase the metal building and choose to save even more money by constructing the building themselves. While this is a great option for those that are mechanically inclined, it can also lead to disaster and mistake, which is why so many people choose to spend the few extra bucks to let the professionals do it. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by “Do it yourselfers:”

Mistakes Made During Metal Building Erection

  1. metal buildings at Champion BuildingsFailing to Use the Building Plans. While it seems like common sense to follow the directions, many people believe that they already know how to do it and that the directions are just going to take longer. However, these directions are based on the proper techniques and ways to erect these buildings. If you plan to “just wing it,” good luck!
  2. A Bad Site. Sometimes people do not thoroughly clear the site they are planning to use to construct the metal building. Not only does the exact site need to be cleared but also a large area around the site so that there is plenty of room to unload and store parts. Also, being eager to start the building process can sometimes lead to people starting the erection of the buiding before the concrete has had enough time to cure. Ideally, you’ll wait a week or so in fair weather so that the concrete can harden. The key is to have a solid foundation or you could end up with issues with the anchor bolts.
  3. Not Using Safety Gear. While it seems like common sense to some people, “Safety First” applies in metal building erection. The equipment is heavy and people can very easily be harmed during the erection process.
  4. Cutting the Pieces. Even though you purchased a “pre-engineered building,” you’d be surprised how many people decide to cut or weld some of the pieces to alter the shape of the building. The problem is that these pieces were designed in a specific way that affects the support of the building. Changing these pieces could result in bad news.
  5. Not Using the Fasteners Correctly. The fasteners are one of the most essential parts of installing the roof panels. While it does not seem like a hard or strenuous task, it is slightly tedious and therefore it is easy to mess up, if you are not paying close attention to what you are doing. You’ll want to be sure that you are driving the fastener in intil it is all the way tightly seated on the washer so that there is a slight extrusion of the neoprene.

Help Erecting Your Metal Building: Champion Buildings, Inc.

Erecting a metal building can be a difficult task. To make it easier, Champion Buildings, Inc. offers an all-in-one solution where you just have to select the building you want, tell us where you want it, and we do the rest! Contact Champion Buildings today at (800) 942-6812 for more information or for help with your metal building project!

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