In her article about building a riding arena on your property published on, Sharon Briggs discusses the dream many equestrians have: having a riding arena on your property. Whether you are riding on a bare patch of earth somewhere on your property or you are trailering to a nearby facility, having an arena on your personal property would benefit your horse’s health and safety, by having proper footing, and allow you to train rain or shine. Briggs points to Robert Malmgren’s The Equine Arena Handbook: Developing a User-Friendly Facility, naming it “the foremost authority on arenas.”

Pre-Fabricated Metal Riding Arenas Vs. Wood Indoor Arenas

Robert Malmgren notes that people building riding arenas out of wood should use “untreated, unpainted lumber” in the area that the walls touch the floors. He explains that this is the best because if you choose to turn your horses out in the indoor arena, if weather does not permit them to go outside, that the horses could chew on the wood and risk comsuming chemicals. While many builders of wooden arenas note that the wood is fire resistant, weather resistant, and pest resistant, you have to remember that the wood is treated to resist these elements and the chemicals are not safe for consumption. So instead, you would choose to use untreated wood for your arena, which would not be fire resistant, would not be weather resistant, and would attract pests. As you are probably aware, metal is naturally fire resistant, is very durable and can endure extreme temperatures, and is pest resistant. By selecting a steel building, you eliminate the risks associated with wood, both your horses safety and the structure itself.

If your horses paddocks are located near or around the riding arena, you also run the risk of them gnawing or “cribbing” on the arena, if you choose a wooden structure. Again, by choosing a metal riding arena, you can eliminate this risk.

Plan Your Metal Riding Arena Today

Regardless of your equestrian discipline, metal equestrian arenas and barns are becoming more and more popular. Not only are they durable, they are affordable! For more information about steel and metal buildings, contact Champion Buildings at (800) 942-6812. We can help you get the riding arena of your dreams, while staying in your budget!

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