Metal Built StructuresAt Champion Buildings we focus on metal buildings, agricultural shelters and other prefabricated steel buildings, but we have an appreciation for all types of metal construction. In the past, we have covered the many benefits of metal and steel buildings, but one father and son in China have found a truly innovative use for scrap metal laying around junk yards.

Metal and Steel Robot Heroes Making Money from Junk

Following the major success of the Transformers movie series Yu Zhilin, a farmer from China with a background in fine arts decided to see if he could build a robot from spare car parts in his free time. After nearly three years his first creation was completed with the help of his son Lu Yingyun, and from there their work has only grown bigger and better.

Working together, the pair have been able to recreate some iconic characters from the Transformers franchise including Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. In addition to gaining viral attention for their amazing replicas the old pieces of scrap junk are being sold and put on display for about $160,000.

Pre-Engineered Metal and Steel Buildings

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