While in wood vs. metal buildings Part 1, it was clear that wood is a dominating building material for residential purposes and steel is more commonly used for industrial buildings. Along with popularity in the current market, the blog also discusses the consistency of the materials, and the ease of construction. This blog discusses the lifespan of the buildings, the required maintenance needed for the building to last as long as possible, and the strength & safety of the building.

Lifespan Of Your Building

metal buildings at Champion BuildingsWood Building Materials

It is common knowledge that wood deteriorates. Not only do you have to deal with rotting wood and the possibility of termites, but also the loss of good looks as the wood is discolored — reducing the sale value. Also, having a wood frame, also puts your home at risk, if there are any leaks and frame damage.

Metal/Steel Buildings

Metal buildings have been known to last decades longer than wood framed buildings and structures. This is because the metal framing allows it to maintain structural integrity as time goes on. And, unlike wood, steel also maintains its appearance, so aesthetically your building will not lose re-sale value.

Upkeep Of Your Building

Wood Building Upkeep and Maintenance

As wood deteriorates,  it may need to be replaced. Also, the screws and bolts that are being held by the deteriorating wood will also need to be replaced and needs to be checked regularly. A small break or leak can cause disaster in the future.

Steel Buildings Have Low Maintenance

Steel buildings are known to have very little maintenance. You should plan to inspect your building once or twice a year, give it a rinse, and clean out the rain gutters. Overall, expect little to no Steel Building maintenance.

Strength of Building

Wood Building Strength

Consider driving in a vehicle that is made of wood– would you feel safe? Probably not. Wood does not have the strength of steel, yet it has specific uses.

Steel = Strong

Steel is known for it’s strength, so if you want to feel safe in a building, steel is going to offer the best protection. Over the years, steel has been developed to be even stronger than it has been in the past!

For Your Metal Building, Contact Champion Buildings

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Let Champion Buildings, Inc. Do the Foundation for You!

The concrete crew will provide a slab per the specifications outlined in the engineer sealed foundation drawings provided.  The concrete foundation will consist of pier pads beneath each column, a perimeter footer, 4″ gravel or sand, wire, rebar, plastic, anchor bolts and a slab thickness per your specifications (typically 4″ – 6″).

Erecting Your Metal Building

The Champion Buildings, Inc. crew will unload and erect the building from the frame to windows, doors and insulation. The metal building parts will be very heavy and will be transported on a large flatbed truck. They provide their own equipment and tools.  Erection of the building comes with a 1 year workmanship guarantee.   *All crews are insured.

Steel and Metal Building Specials by Champion Buildings

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✓     Clear Span (up to 150′)

✓     Available with a variety of Metal Building Accessories

✓     Available with a Large Color Selections from Walls, Roof and Trims

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