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How to Choose the Best Aircraft Hangar Manufacturer

metal building aircraft hangar

When building an aircraft hangar it’s essential to build a structure that will hold up to the elements enough to protect your aircraft. Steel framed metal buildings are the right combination of space, durability, low maintenance, construction speed, and strength. Space Metal buildings allow for a clear span of up to 275 feet, so no […]

Steel Buildings: The Eco-Friendly Choice

Leesburg VA Prefabricated Steel Metal Building

Building “green” is a hot trend these days. More and more, businesses are making the decision to be environmentally friendly by limiting their impact on the environment. While it may not be the first thing to come to mind, steel buildings are an extremely green, eco-friendly alternative to building with wood. Let us break it […]

Wood vs. Metal: Which is Best for Your Church?

steel church building in Asheville

When you picture a church or another place of worship in your mind, it likely isn’t a metal structure. More likely it’s a charming wooden structure. However, metal buildings offer many advantages over their stick-built cousins. 1. Durability Churches are typically built to last for decades. Steel-framed metal buildings are naturally going to last a […]

How To Choose a Builder of Steel and Metal Buildings

Steel Buildings

OK, you’re already sold on the benefits of steel-framed, metal-roofed buildings over their stick-built wooden alternatives. And you’re not foolish enough to think you can build it yourself. But how do you choose the right builder for your metal building? Here are the criteria to evaluate one builder over another: 1) Foundation There are two […]

Advantages of a Metal Garage

metal buildings florida

Steel construction is the leading construction method for commercial structures. Why? They’re built to last several decades with low maintenance. If that sounds like what you want in a garage, read the seven reasons why you should consider building a metal building over a typical wooden-built structure. 1. Low Maintenance Metal buildings are not maintenance […]

Summer Steel Building Ideas

Summer Steel Building Ideas

Summer is finally here.  Are you looking for some ideas for a summer project or a way to beat the heat? Summertime comes with hot temperatures, rain, and fast winds, so you need something to protect yourself and your belongings.  The solution: metal building. Metal buildings are pre-engineered to withstand the elements and make sure […]

Contractor’s Guide To The Benefits of Pre-Engineered Buildings

Augusta GA Metal Building Construction

When planning a new building for your home or business, it is important to know the risk and benefits before making your big purchase. As a well-informed, responsible contractor or owner, it is important to know the pros and cons of each type of material. There are various benefits to each of the popular building […]