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Build a Steel Workshop for Your DIY Needs

Metal Building Interior

Are you a handyman that loves do it yourself projects, but are tired of working from your garage or basement? A metal workshop building can serve as a great, low cost alternative with many advantages compared to a space that was really meant for a different utility. Since 1999, Champion Buildings have provided residential and […]

Three Fun Facts about Pre-Fabricated Buildings

At Champion Buildings, we get a lot of questions from our customers asking about the benefits of pre-fabricated buildings compared to a more traditional construction job. Champion Buildings believes in sharing knowledge with our customers to help them make informed, good decisions in regards to our steel and metal buildings. Although we have touched on […]

Great Metal Buildings of the World

Eiffel Tower

We at Champion Buildings specialize in pre-fabricated buildings, but we appreciate all kinds of metal structures.  Recently, CNN ran a brilliant article on metal buildings featured at the World’s Fair over the years. As experts in the field, we have decided to feature our personal top three metal buildings. The Statue of Liberty A symbol of […]

3 Advantages of Steel Buildings

prefabricated metal buildings

Whether you need a barn for farm equipment or a church building for your congregation, steel and metal buildings are a quick and cost-efficient solution for your housing needs. With rapid construction turn-around and durable materials, a steel or metal building can be built fast and lasts longer than a traditional wood building. Plus, with […]

Metal Garages, Do You Have One?

Metal buildings

More and more people are investing in external garages these days. External garages allow you to place cars as well as tools do you have one?

Are Prefabricated Buildings, the Answer to our Building Problems?

How would you like everything you wanted to be built cheaper, quicker, and faster? Well with prefabricated buildings that’s actually possible. Steel and metal buildings which have been around for a while now are actually all of the rage these days for this very reason. What is a steel and metal building? Steel and metal […]