If you need a metal garage in Nashville, Champion Buildings has what you need. Whether you need a one-car garage to protect a vehicle or a multi-purpose building for woodworking and storage, our prefab garages are durable, cost-effective, and designed to suit your residential or commercial property. Our garages are constructed from 100 percent, American-made steel and offer a wide variety of customization options so you get the structure you need without going outside of your budget.

Benefits of Metal Garages

Why choose a metal garage over cement block or brick structures? Consider the numerous benefits our prefab buildings offer:

  • Rapid installation;
  • Lower price per square foot due to minimal labor and material cost;
  • Highly resistant to mold, termites, and rust;
  • Built to hold up to harsh elements including wind up to 200 mph;
  • Minimal maintenance requirements;
  • Numerous customization options;
  • Environmentally friendly as steel is a sustainable material compared to wood;
  • Easy to insulate;

By choosing a metal garage, you’ll have a long-lasting, reliable, attractive building that will add function and value to your property for years to come. All of our prefab buildings include:

  • 100 percent commercial-grade steel;
  • High-strength bolts;
  • Clear span up to 150 feet;
  • 24 gauge standing seam roof availability;

Customizing Your Metal Garage

You know exactly what you need from your metal garage, and our customization options ensure you can bring it to reality. Start by choosing the size and configuration of your building to suit your needs, whether it’s a two-car garage, recreational vehicle storage, or a workshop. Additional customization features include:

  • A large variety of paint colors
  • Insulated metal wall panels
  • Roll-up, sliding, and bi-fold doors as well as traditional walk-throughs
  • Gutters
  • Windows and skylights
  • Vents
  • Metal shakes, tiles, and shingles
  • Roof curbs and hatches
  • Awnings, cupolas, overheads, and canopies

In addition to customizing your building, we also have metal garage packages in both 40′ x 60′ and 50′ x 100′ and include roll-up doors, gutters and downspouts, and insulation for an incredible value.

Our Turnkey Installation Process

At Champion Buildings, we believe in providing unmatched customer service, so not only do we ensure competitive pricing and a wide variety of customization options, we are also dedicated to making sure the process is hassle-free. We will sit down with you to help you design the structure so you get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. Once we have the details down, our manufacturing center will begin fabricating panels and gathering the bolts and other equipment.

During this time, a concrete slab has to be poured in order to provide a strong, solid foundation. Instead of finding a concrete contractor on your own, we take care of this step, too. All we ask is that the space is cleared of overgrowth and debris and is level. We send out a concrete team to set the slab, and once it’s cured, our delivery team will schedule an installation date for your shed.

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